Are you overweight?

Our natural weight management program can help you shake off excess weight, particularly excess fats and help you keep well through healthy eating.

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Natural Weight Management

Look Good, Feel Better with Healthy Weight Loss

Carrying excess weight in the body not only makes you feel unattractive, it reduces your energy levels, increases your inflammatory responses, increases your risk of degenerative diseases and increases your biological age. There are many diets available. The most effective and sustainable fat loss programs are those based on sound nutritional principles. The Slimwell Natural Weight Management programme emphasizes on healthy eating. It helps you to shake off the fats, but more importantly also help you gain more energy, reduces your inflammatory responses and extends longevity.

Nutriactionz Natural Weight Management Program

This program aims to help you shake off excess weight, particularly fats. It uses Bioimpedance Analysis for healthy weight loss and we monitor your progress on a weekly basis. You will be given dietary recommendations, nutritional supplements and may have to address underlying imbalances that is causing you to keep excess weight.

Weight as a number of the scale does not mean a big deal if you do not know what your composition is and the quality of your cells. If you have been ill and loss muscle mass, you will still see a drop in the reading on your scale but that is unhealthy weight loss. Bioimpedance Analysis helps our Slimwell members monitor their progress and identify blockages to the weight loss process, particularly fat loss process. Metabolic Syndrome is a huge contributory factor to the obesity epidemic that is sweeping the world now. Book a consultation with us to see if you are at risk.