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The New Stress Syndrome - Fatigue

Deal with Your Fatigue, Don't Ignore It

Fatigue is fast becoming one of the most common complaints in a doctor's clinic, so common that it may be dismissed that the patient is depressed or hypochondriac. The common causes of fatigue include poor nutrition, insomnia, infection, low iron, toxicity, inflammation, excess body fat, blood sugar imbalance, stress, adrenal insufficiency, digestive problems, thyroid diseases, malignancies and mitochondrial dysfunction.

If you are tired all the time, you should investigate what the problem is, as dismissing it could have grave consequences. My father used to complain of fatigue, he would need a nap every afternoon, his doctor told him it was normal, because it was part of ageing. Nothing proactive was done about it, no recommendation for change in diet and lifestyle or investigating his nutritional needs and as diseases were diagnosed, drugs were dispensed to suppress the symptoms. My father had diabetes, and when he was diagnosed with cancer, we were only left with 3 weeks to take action. We did not find a solution then, and dad passed on at the age of 61. Even though this happened more than 10 years ago, my heart still aches when I think of it. This was the starting point for my career change, from a chartered accountant to a naturopath. I felt betrayed, disappointed and frustrated that no one could pick up what was wrong earlier. I was determined to find the answer.

Activate Your Body's Natural Energy Production

Your mitochondria is your energy production powerhouse. This powerhouse is very dependent on nutrients you feed it, which is absorbed through a complicated and robust digestive system. If the gut is not functioning well, you will not absorb what you eat, resulting in your mitochondria being starved. This will reduce the nutrients available to make good blood and reduce proper oxygen exchange which is crucial to making you alive, vibrant and energetic!

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